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Discover Money-Saving Insight: How Cloud-based BI Reduces Costs by Engaging Users

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Discover Money-Saving Insight: How Cloud-based BI Reduces Costs by Engaging Users

5 of 5: GoodData business intelligence is readily adopted by users across organizations, increasing both IT and employee productivity with self-service BI, and provides more visibility into business performance. Today we explore how it also saves money.

“Users expect technology at work that will make them faster, smarter, and even happier,” says GoodData founder Roman Stanek. “The best way for IT to increase business efficiency is to support engaging user experiences for employees.”

It’s true that people are seeking business environments that match their increasingly-connected, always-on, technology-driven personal lives. And here’s how GoodData’s cloud-based BI is helping:

  1. According to a Nucleus Research report, Assessing the Benefits of GoodData, cloud-based business intelligence solutions from GoodData have been proven to engage users quickly.
  2. They also deliver superb adoption rates, and increase user productivity across the organization, which translates into increased IT productivity and reduced report-generation costs for IT.
  3. Many happy customers reported turning to GoodData analytics because they felt the time their IT teams spent on maintaining and supporting end users was negatively impacting their own ability to drive business initiatives.

So, what did these IT teams do? They actively sought out BI solutions that reduced enterprise reliance on IT and had a reduced cost compared to on-premise solutions.

How can cloud BI reduce costs?

Roman Stanek routinely says, “Cloud-based services were built as scalable and flexible from the start, making them a far more robust environment than their on-premise brethren when it comes to bringing together structured and unstructured data.” Nucleus Research echoes that faith in scalability stating:

“As cloud-based and SaaS solutions continue to dominate the market, organizations are seeing the benefits of deployment and reduced costs as a key factor in their choice of BI solution.”

According to Nucleus Research, the return on investment is paying off for companies harnessing insight from their data, with “[the average return] increasing, reaching $13.01 for every dollar spent in 2014.”

GoodData offers ways to optimize your BI strategy to generate maximum business value. With engaging cloud-based analytics solutions, you can:

  • Equip employees with self-service BI solutions they’ll use.
  • Provide IT with a scalable, flexible solution that reduces maintenance and security costs.
  • Free up your IT department to develop innovative solutions and systems that drive significant business value.

What do our customers have to say?

GoodData SaaS customers who reduced IT costs and saved money with cloud-based BI recently told Nucleus Research they were able to:

  • Reduce Demands on IT — “The cost of the solution continues to be an important factor for us. The number of people to support works out to be half the time per day required for our previous solution. Having a cloud-based implementation allowed us to free up valuable IT resources to focus on other projects.”

  • Move to the Cost-Effective Cloud — One GoodData customer summarized their budget objectives by saying, “We needed a platform that would take the infrastructure cost and maintenance out of the picture.”

    • “While we wanted to focus on a SaaS solution, we also wanted to ensure we were being cost effective,” said another customer. “We eliminated many other options due to price.”
    • “With our cloud implementation, we are able to isolate our clients into different buckets, and leverage the scale of the power behind the platform, while not facing rising costs on premises solutions,” offered another happy GoodData customer.
  • Scale to Meet Growing Data Volumes — “Over the first 15 years of our company, we captured close to 30 million transactions. In the past year, we’ve captured more than 8 million. We needed a scalable, cost-effective environment that could handle that increasing volume of data and reporting demands.”


To implement a BI solution that can GROW with your company, contact us at GoodData.

Written by GoodData Author  | 

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