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Can you find the needle in the haystack? Let’s Talk BI Data Discovery

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Can you find the needle in the haystack? Let’s Talk BI Data Discovery

OK. How big is that haystack, again? Currently, right now on the planet Earth, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day. If you have a hard time visualizing that, Jenna Pucket of TechnologyAdvice suggests imagining 57.5 BILLION 32GB iPads—that’s eight iPads for every person on earth, every day.

This huge and growing amount of data is the problem that businesses are facing. People are hot to analyze all that data. It’s one thing to look at reports and dashboards of data, but to discover the hidden INSIGHT within the data requires analytics and BI. At GoodData, we start with insight, so you can end with results.

After examining market trends, Gartner Inc. concluded, “The tables have turned, where discretionary budgets focus on analysis-centric BI (with some reporting), rather than reporting-centric BI (with some analysis).”

By 2015, the majority of BI vendors will make data discovery their prime BI platform offering, shifting BI emphasis from reporting centric to analysis centric.

Market Trends: Business Intelligence Tipping Points
Herald a New Era of Analytics, Dan Sommer, Frank Buytendijk, Kurt Schlegel, 11 November 2014

Why Glut Isn’t the Only Problem

“Having more data than the competition doesn’t necessarily equal more revenue,” cautions Puckett. “Especially if businesses can’t understand the data they have.” With businesses needing a way to access the latest information in as little time as possible, she believes data visualization works because 65 percent are visual learners.

“Business managers who use visual data discovery tools are 28% more likely to find timely information than peers who only use managed reporting and dashboards.”

Jenna Pucket

In a new whitepaper by GoodData, the problem is made clearer. Even with today’s more sophisticated BI solutions that bring data together and organize it into dashboards and reports in an effort to extract meaning—business is moving faster than most BI solutions and providers can keep up.

“The reality is, most businesses are still challenged to turn data into results.”

The volume, variety, velocity, and VALUE of big data are outpacing not just the tools themselves, but users’ ability to implement and activate them effectively.

Using Analysis-centric BI to Spur Action

Welcome to the future, now. Through collective learning, which only GoodData can harness, we take best practices culled from millions of our users’ interactions over five years on our insights network and proactively recommend the most relevant and effective tools to help you reach results faster.

The Analytical Designer proactively suggests the most relevant and effective path to BI Insights.

With GoodData Insights-as-a-Service, we put the user at the center—taking you beyond the barriers of traditional BI, with guided data discovery based on the collective learning from our extensive insights network to deliver breakthrough results for your organization.

For more information, contact us directly at GoodData.

Written by GoodData Author  | 

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