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Business is buying. Why You’ve Got 50% of New BI Spend

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Business is buying. Why You’ve Got 50% of New BI Spend

IT isn’t the only team in town. Maybe they had dominion over business intelligence when advanced analytics relied on “legacy” on-premise platforms; but now that we’re in a new age of cloud business intelligence—business analysts and executives can help themselves.

“For many business executives, big data is still ambiguous — even today,” says William McKnight of GigaOm Research. “Before they can understand how to leverage the technology they need to get their hands in it and their arms around it. One strategy is self-service BI. That means cutting out the middlemen — IT, data analysts, and report developers — and allowing a user to create BI on-demand.”

IT won’t mind, because they will no longer need to build, maintain and manage centralized data centers, consolidate and clean buckets of data, limit the data sources you can use, police who has access to company data, or spend hours every week pulling reports. It’s all automated with solutions like GoodData. Plus, you get the self-service you’ve been wanting.

Self-service empowers developers, data scientists and data analysts to conduct data exploration directly.

John Schroeder
CEO of MapR

True self-service BI is now available to business customers—all IT needs to do is provide the cloud service access to data. Previously, BI required the time-consuming (and expensive) step of IT consolidating data and establishing centralized data structures. Now “advanced organizations will move to data bindings on execution and away from a central structure to fulfill ongoing requirements,” says Schroeder.

Not only will this self service BI speed your team’s ability to respond to opportunities and threats, it will help you easily and quickly leverage new data sources, as they arrive.

Don’t Ground Your Insight Potential

Gartner Inc, publisher of "Market Trends: Business Intelligence Tipping Points Herald a New Era of Analytics", which you can download from GoodData, also reports:

“By 2017, analytic applications offered by software vendors will be indistinguishable from analytic applications offered by service providers."

Market Trends: Business Intelligence Tipping Points Herald a New Era of Analytics
Dan Sommer, Frank Buytendijk, Kurt Schlegel, 11 November 2014

Fair warning: cloud services spending is projected to hit $127 billion in 2018; with more than 50% of the coming global growth in software, server and storage spending predicted to be in cloud services. So that on-premise only BI solution you’re considering? It could feel a little limiting, especially when everyone else has their heads in the cloud and are innovating up a storm—while you’re still waiting on your IT department to approve yet another new data source.

Big Data Analytics Essential for Growth

Key findings from an Accenture and General Electric study on how the combo of Big Data analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) is redefining the competitive landscape of entire industries, are leading businesses to believe that Big Data is now seen as essential for competitive growth.

The Power of Advanced Analytics:

- From Louis Columbus for CloudTech

Ready to Help Yourself?

So, if you’re ready to get in on the action, contact us directly at GoodData. You’ll be instantly empowered to help your company become more competitive via self-service BI that provides:

  • Stringent levels of perimeter security and data safeguarding
  • Extensibility to connect to an unlimited number and types of data sources
  • Scalability to grow in amount of data or users as your business needs evolve

Let IT in on your desire to move your company’s BI to the cloud—we’re pretty sure they’re going to be delighted.

Written by GoodData Author  | 

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