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Bringing Data Products to Market--New Best Practices

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Bringing Data Products to Market--New Best Practices

Adding analytics to your product and creating dashboards that yield new performance insights are two of the best improvements you can make to your business. Collaborative social functions, new processes, and workflows provided without the ability to view, analyze, and improve will place your business at a significant competitive disadvantage in today's data-driven world.

Before they launch analytics, most companies overlook many of the key go-to-market considerations: target audience, pricing, packaging, support strategy, launch communication, etc.

Luckily, this is our sweet spot. We’re helping more than 100 companies deliver embedded analytics to their customers. Customers like Zendesk prove that embedded analytics not only improve their competitive position, but also generate new revenue streams they couldn’t tap into before.

“Advanced Analytics is the #1 reason our customers upgrade.”

Sam Boonin
Vice President of Products, Zendesk

Today, we announced an extremely detailed e-book that explains everything a company needs to consider in order to ensure a successful launch of their data product, Powered By GoodData.

Some keys to go-to-market success:

  • Understanding different types of business intelligence
  • Aligning all teams with a product workshop
  • Setting project goals
  • Understanding the audience
  • Determining requirements to define the offering
  • Pricing strategy
  • Building the support infrastructure
  • Preparing all teams for launch

We’re excited to share this guide with our community, so that each of you can understand the steps needed in order to make more money with data products. These best practices are based on GoodData’s years of experience, and should be applied to maximize results from an internal analytics launch as well. Download the e-book today, and see for yourself!

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Written by GoodData Author  | 

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