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Three ways you can use analytics to drive Box adoption and engagement

Written by GoodData Author  | 

Three ways you can use analytics to drive Box adoption and engagement

Enterprise content management solutions have seen massive adoption in recent years, yet 44 percent of businesses still can’t quantify their ROI1. CIOs and Box Admins want nothing more than for their organizations to embrace all Box has to offer, but it’s hard to know whether it’s being utilized to maximum effectiveness. Driving and measuring adoption and engagement is a great way to begin realizing ROI.

The Box Admin Console displays user logins and storage amounts -- operations metrics you should absolutely evaluate over time. But, it doesn’t tell you much about user adoption or engagement.

Box adoption 1 box admin console

This blog offers three suggestions to help you nurture or increase user adoption and engagement, that also help you measure and realize ROI.

1: Measure Usage and Business Outcomes

Besides logins, savvy CIOs and Box Admins actually know how members of their organization use Box. The classic mistake many organizations make is implementing Box without understanding why they need it and what they are going to do with it. Concentrating on how Box improves the way people get their jobs done is key to building a strategy to increase adoption and engagement.

An example of a positive business outcome served by Box is when Sales representatives are able to close more deals when they use the latest marketing and sales collateral at the right time during the sales cycle. With advanced Box analytics, not only can you identify which Sales representatives tend to use the material available, but you can also evaluate which specific pieces of content are most useful. Armed with these insights, you can partner with the VP of Sales to educate her team how to take advantage of Box to help the organization meet its revenue goals.

Because Box can solve a diverse set of use cases, it’s important to identify the business outcome you want to influence, measure the actions on Box that leads to positive outcomes, and share those insights with other members of your organization.

Box adoption 2 box business outcome analytics

2: Encourage Collaboration

Box is built on the premise of collaboration. And there’s no better way to increase adoption than by putting Box at the heart of your team’s collaboration process. Through the use of comments and the creation of tasks, you may find success at converting inactive users to active users. Even the simple act of “mentioning” collaborators in conversations can tip the scale.

Imagine an organization that spans 30 countries across the globe. Teams must rely on one another to make key document changes on the fly, in real time, from any device around the world. Advanced Box analytics can expose conversations taking place on the platform. By identifying patterns in how your organization shares, edits, discuss, and approves content, you can add structure and process that encourages others join in. Soon enough, you can expect higher levels of engagement and fewer hours spent trying to keep people on the same page.

3: Evaluate External Usage

Box has committed extensive resources to the design, implementation, monitoring, and maintenance of the platform’s security infrastructure. As a result, many organizations use Box to distribute content to external collaborators. The ability to securely share documents outside of the organization can encourage even more departments to become more engaged in their use of Box.

Best-in-class Box implementations encourage and monitor how content is shared outside the walls of the organization. For example, advertising and marketing departments may use Box to work with outside agencies on a brand redesign. Advanced Box analytics can show you how and when files are accessed by outside partners and vendors, and which departments are making the most of your Box investment.

Box adoption 3 advanced box analytics

Login rates are only the beginning when it comes to measuring your return of investment with Box. Intelligent CIOs and Box Admins use advanced analytics to identify usage patterns on the platform, and apply these insights to take their adoption and engagement rates to a new level.

1The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Content Management, Q3 2013

Written by GoodData Author  | 

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