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BI Services...from a Marketing Agency?

Written by GoodData Author  | 

BI Services...from a Marketing Agency?

Say you’re a marketing agency. You know the value of data, and so do your clients. You’re used to optimizing campaigns based on analyzing ROI metrics, and your clients are pleased with your ability to deliver ever-impressive results. But at what cost?

Behind the scenes, your personnel is spending more and more time compiling, organizing and reporting on volumes of data vs. the strategic work you need them to do. While your clients, bless their hearts, are asking not only for additional analytics, but for ‘real-time’ insight. You’re a marketing agency not a data firm—or are you?

According to a new publication from GigaOm Research, cloud-based business intelligence is not only helping data-rich businesses join forces in “coopetition” to share data and gain advantage by gleaning insight from collaborative business intelligence, it’s also making it easier than ever for individual firms to offer their clients the added-value of business intelligence as a service.

From ‘Driven Crazy by Data’ to Making ‘Data-Driven Decisions’

One such company that has discovered the power of cloud-based BI by implementing a Powered by GoodData solution is the marketing firm Lowe Profero. Known for globally transforming the experience of brands across all digital platforms, their job is to ensure people spend more money, time and social currency on their clients’ businesses. That type of work requires a lot of data analysis and analytics to provide intelligence-led optimization.

Knowing that data sources and volume could only multiply given the increasingly digital nature of the marketing landscape, Lowe Profero decided to take preemptive action. The global head of data and analytics, Scott Wallace summed up their position, saying:

“The data was going to own us, or we were going to own it. We decided to make it work for us, not the other way around.”

Scott Wallace
Lowe Profero

Combining Multiple Data Sources for a Single View

Managing search engine marketing, social media planning, analytics and media technologies for more than 100 clients worldwide, Lowe Profero was facing challenges with reporting requirements for disparate, disconnected channels—and new data sources seemed to be arriving daily. According to Wallace, GoodData enabled them to combine an “unbelievable number of digital data sources into a single view” to solve some logistical nightmares.

“GoodData was the only provider that could meet our requirements — from competitive analysis to marketing channel performance to sales metrics. No other provider was up to that challenge.”

Scott Wallace
Lowe Profero

Creating Bespoke Solutions for Clients

The impact on both the firm’s business and their customers’ has been nothing short of transformational. Siloed teams have become united in their activities, spending less time managing data challenges and more time leveraging data insights. “Teams are also collaborating in new ways,” said Scott, “discovering new opportunities to optimize performance, for ourselves and for the client.” One such opportunity offers clients branded portals and customized dashboards—a window into real-time insights for clients, all compliments of their new an automated, cloud-based GoodData BI solution.

Ramping Up Quickly with PaaS

Just as the GigaOm report states that cloud-based BI creates an opportunity for the emergence of a new kind of BI service provider, Lowe Profero has leveraged the hosted service as a way to service and grow its customer base rapidly, without they or their customers incurring the cost of an on-premise deployment. The Powered by GoodData solution enabled Lowe Profero to speed to market with new BI capabilities, without having to assume the responsibility of a major hardware or personnel investment. Benefits of our cloud-based, hosted model match those outlined in GigaOm’s research—full integration, perimeter security and data safeguarding, elasticity and scalability, cost and system management, and transparency.

Delivering Value—Fast

Lowe Profero’s results didn’t take long to realize. In fact, only six weeks passed between initial strategy meetings to going live, when their Powered by GoodData cloud-based BI solution created great productivity gains—with production of one customer’s reports sliced from three days a week, to a mere 15 minutes. Additionally, an entire new line of business became a new revenue generator, overnight. “Now we can say we won’t just tell you we’re going to deliver value, we’ll prove it to you,” said Wallace describing how their bespoke dashboards and branded portals now enable Lowe Profero customers to help themselves to BI on demand, for proof via analytics-backed reports.

Making Data Look Good

Not only did GoodData analytics solve data and time management challenges for the company while also creating new revenue opportunities; from a user standpoint, the GoodData solution is easy to use and visually outstanding. “We wanted to give our internal clients and our end customers a branded, polished experience,” explained Wallace. “When we’re presenting our results, we’re also presenting the agency. It better look good, in all regards.”

To discover how quickly you too can develop data-driven advantage, contact us at GoodData.

Written by GoodData Author  | 


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