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Beyond Dashboards: Why You Need Insights that Drive Actions

Written by GoodData Author  | 

Beyond Dashboards: Why You Need Insights that Drive Actions

The days of “data for data’s sake” are over. Forward-thinking organizations are recognizing not only the need to translate data into strategic insights, but to make those insights more accessible, understandable, and relevant for business users at all levels.

In their report “Insight in the Moment: Analytics Embedded at the Point-Of-Decision,” the Aberdeen Group explores the forces driving organizations to take this next step in the evolution of analytics, including employee demand for a more seamless, contextual data experience:

“Users are demanding that [analytical] capabilities are delivered in context, where they work, with a better framework of how and why the insight is important as well as how it can be used.”

Dashboard Crash: Moving Beyond Self-Service Analytics

“Self service” and “data democratization” have become the mantras of organizations seeking to reduce users’ reliance on IT for the data they need. But as GoodData CEO Roman Stanek recently commented in Data Center Knowledge, “the ability of these tools to provide clear insights is rapidly degrading. And simply trying to cram more information into a dashboard will only compound the problem.”

The first challenge many organizations encounter with the self-service approach is where the insights are located. When users are forced to click away to a separate dashboard to access data, a disconnect arises between the information and the organization’s everyday workflows.

The second challenge involves how the analytics are presented: too many tools present business users with reams of raw data. Not only do users not have the time to dig through all this information, but they also lack the data science background that would be needed to identify intricate patterns and distinguish the strategic insights from the “noise.”

Welcome to the Future

As organizations struggle with the limitations of self-service analytics, new tools are delivering the more streamlined, contextual experience that users demand.

By advancing from analytics to insights, these tools take on the “heavy lifting” involved in interpreting the data for users’ specific needs. Advanced platforms now harness machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate analysis of the data and truly offer actionable insights.

By offering data-driven insights at the point of decision, these platforms integrate intelligence not only within the applications that business users access every day, but also within everyday workflows. As the Aberdeen Group discovered in its survey, embedding insights offers a higher degree of user satisfaction compared to the standalone approach:

Insights in Action: Fourth

When GoodData client Fourth identified a need for enhanced analytical capabilities, they also saw a need for customizable data views to fit the specific needs of each user across a diverse customer base. The new platform enabled users to identify areas for cost reduction in the value chain by recognizing interdependencies among the data. As the Aberdeen Group reports, one Fourth customer was able to reduce labor costs as a percentage of sales by 1 percent a year, a significant reduction for the restaurant chain.

Insights at the point of decision is more than an interesting concept — it represents the future of operational data analysis as organizations know it. By offering actionable, real-world intelligence within the applications that organizations are already using, advanced platforms are empowering users with the strategic insights they need to reduce costs, grow profits, and realize unprecedented performance benefits.

For more insights on the evolution of embedded analytics, download the Aberdeen Report “Insight in the Moment: Analytics Embedded at the Point-Of-Decision.

Written by GoodData Author  | 

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