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Announcing GoodData’s New International Capabilities

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Announcing GoodData’s New International Capabilities

Go Worldwide with Your Analytic Applications

Today, we are excited to announce the release of international features that enable you to better support, deliver, and expand your insights driven applications. New features provide access to eight languages, regional specific formats for numbers and currency, custom time zones, plus geocodes. You can confidently plan for expansion into new geographies with no limits to your product roadmap. Build your application once and deliver it to users around the globe.

These international capabilities come on the heels of our big release of the summer, GoodData Spectrum, and embrace our belief that - whether you’re in a tiny startup or in a large enterprise, you should never be limited in what analytics you can create for your customers, employees, business partners and regulators around the world.

“GoodData is continuing on our mission to make analytics persistent and pervasive by removing any boundaries that keep insights in isolation - via location, language or otherwise,” shares GoodData CEO and co-founder, Roman Stanek. “Our goal is to make data available to any and all users who are looking to make data-driven business decisions.”

We have created these capabilities so product teams and SaaS companies just like you can meet your users where they live and how they like to work. Many of our customers want the flexibility to focus on their own roadmap, to reduce the burden on internal resources yet need to be prepared to grow whenever - and wherever - opportunities may lie. We are excited to provide you the power to deliver your analytic applications to users anywhere.

Some ways you can take advantage of the new international capabilities:

  • Supercharge your expansion by displaying your analytics in 8 different languages with support for English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, and Portuguese
  • Plan for new opportunities by keeping your data close and secure with our network of data centers across the US, Canada, and the EU backed by our unified framework of security and privacy compliance (SOC 2, GDPR, HIPAA)
  • “Out agile” your competition and reach markets beyond your shores knowing you are supported by GoodData’s team of technical experts that are available 24/7, across every timezone
  • Save time and reduce the risk of errors by working with trusted 3rd party tools and APIs, like XE.com, in tracking multi-currency transactions, understanding Foreign Transaction rates and displaying multi-currency symbols

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How to Get Started With Metadata Localization

We released the first pillar of our new international capabilities with multi-language support for Documentation and UI Menus earlier this year, and are thrilled to hit another major milestone with metadata localization.

Metadata localization consists of three steps:

  1. Export XLIFF file for localization
  2. Edit to localized language
  3. Import localized XLIFF file to GoodData Platform

Step 1: Export XLIFF file for localization

  • Access Gray Pages for the project to be localized

  • From the Resource page, select the metadata resource

  • Click Translations Resource for project localization from the list of available resources

  • Click 'export resource for export translations':

  • Select Language for localization, and the XLIFF file downloads locally to your computer:

Step 2: Edit to Localized Language

  • Open the downloaded XLIFF file in your preferred editor and change 'target' to desired localized language output

    Example: `

When you have translated all your required metadata, save file. Your file is ready for import.

Step 3: Import Localized XLIFF File to GoodData Platform

  • Click 'import resource for export translations:

  • Copy the content from XLIFF file and paste directly to the form on the metadata translations import page:

  • Click submit. Your translated XLIFF content is imported

Support for Exchange Rates

To make the transition to supporting additional geographies even more seamless, we are offering all GoodData customers the opportunity to also work with XE.com, the trusted rate provider for industry-leading organizations around the world. This allows customers to easily plug currency data into your application.

We are available to answer any questions or to give you a short walkthrough of the new capabilities. Please contact us at sales@gooddata.com.

Please note: To use Metadata Localization you must have localization enabled in your platform. To enable localization please contact your Account Manager or visit GoodData Support

Why not try our 30-day free trial?

Fully managed, API-first analytics platform. Get instant access — no installation or credit card required.

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