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GoodData's Open Analytics Platform: The Engine of the All Data Enterprise

Written by Roman Stanek  | 

GoodData's Open Analytics Platform: The Engine of the All Data Enterprise

We're in a truly exciting time. Today, companies have access to an unprecedented amount of information, all a few clicks away. We've heard a lot about big data over the last few years, and it's exciting, yes, but it's not what's powering future possibilities. This isn't about volume alone, it's about completeness -- all data. Companies using every piece of information available to them, regardless of data type or source, internal or external, to uncover vital correlations between different parts of their business.

An all data enterprise is a business that has figured out that data is its crucial competitive advantage. It has figured out how to look at previously disconnected data as a cohesive whole and get insights to drive better decision making throughout the organization.

Today, we announced GoodData's Open Analytics Platform, a complete data discovery and governance platform that powers all data enterprises. This cloud-based platform handles the entire lifecycle of data and analytics, letting IT retain oversight and security in order to deliver trusted data and data discovery capabilities that help businesses get real-time insights. Our Open Analytics Platform lets companies:

  • Collect:
    Access data from both on-premise and cloud sources. The platform includes connectors and metadata maps for nearly 50 cloud-based sources as well as traditional and big data systems found within an organization's firewall.
  • Store:
    Maintain oversight and data governance. The platform features a dual-stage Data Storage Service (DSS) that stores raw data in a Hadoop-based system as well as a highly-scalable, clustered columnar warehouse for enriched, analysis-ready data.
  • Combine:
    Integrate and aggregate multiple sources. Data integration, workflow and aggregation occurs as logical data models are designed and subject-matter specific cubes are generated.
  • Analyze: Built-in statistics and analytics. The platform includes statistical functions and the ability to run analytic functions written in R directly within the database.
  • Visualize:
    Discovery-based solutions for users of all skills. GoodData adds visual analytic explorers to ad-hoc, custom and pre-built dashboard templates.

All data enterprises use the insights that come from looking at all of their available data, and make it intrinsic to their business – and there's the main difference between big data and all data. Instead of delivering kernels of insight to a few data analysts, all data enterprises analyze every piece of available data to continually make business decisions, in real time. They then embed these insights into their operations, services or products to predict behavior or a course of action.

I believe any business can become an all data enterprise as long as it has the mindset to use information and analytics as a sustainable competitive advantage. Until now, access to big data was reserved to a select group of high tech companies. Now, companies of all sizes can access the GoodData's Open Analytics Platform that gives them the infrastructure and insights to make those smart decisions and make the most of that advantage.

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Written by Roman Stanek  | 

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