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5 Reasons You Need to Up Your Analytics Game

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5 Reasons You Need to Up Your Analytics Game

If you were to ask 100 companies “Do you collect your business data and distribute it within your organization?” 99 of them would probably respond with “Of course — have been for years!”

Now, what if you followed up by asking “when’s the last time that data generated an insight that made a huge difference?”

I’m guessing you’d hear more than a few crickets.

Forward-thinking organizations are realizing that the old approach to leveraging business data — collect it, crunch it, circulate it — isn’t working anymore. Everyday users at all levels of your organization don’t need more information. They need real insights, delivered where and when those insights can drive strategic action.

Fortunately, analytics have evolved to meet these needs. The clumsy, convoluted spreadsheets of the past are giving way to Systems of Insight that deliver analytics to everyday users in context, where they work, within a framework of why the insight is important and how it can be used. Smart organizations across all industries are making the leap and reaping the benefits.

Check out the 5 Reasons You Need to Upgrade Your Analytics Now, where we researched five key trends driving enterprises to elevate their approach to data:

  • Your competitors are using their data to pull ahead. 46 percent of respondents to a study by The Aberdeen Group cited competitive pressures as the No. 1 factor driving their need for better data-driven insights.
  • Your employees need better, more user-focused business tools to succeed. Everyday users across your organization are demanding the data they need to do their jobs better … and deriving insights from it shouldn’t be a chore.
  • Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are changing the analytics game. Systems of insight are leveraging the power of AI to deliver intelligent recommendations that drive better outcomes.
  • Early adopters are seeing real ROI. Companies using systems of insight are uncovering opportunities gaining-perspective-business-intelligenceto reduce costs, streamline processes, and implement other profit-driving improvements.
  • Digital transformation demands analytics-driven insights. As organizations look to get more out of their digital technologies at all levels, they’re realizing the limits of the “self-service” approach to data.

If enterprises are going to keep up with the increasing demand to be data-driven, they have to change their approach to analytics. Instead of overloading users with raw information, they must start delivering intelligent, actionable insights that enable more strategic and impactful outcomes across the organization.

To learn more about the trends that are driving a need to overhaul our approach to analytics, download your copy of 5 Reasons You Need to Upgrade Your Analytics Now.

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Written by GoodData Author  | 

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