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5 Insights I Gained From Our Customer Advisory Board

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5 Insights I Gained From Our Customer Advisory Board

Although much of the discussion around customer engagement focuses on digital activities, I’m still a large believer in “engaging” face-to-face. In fact, my favorite part of my job is to build relationships that go beyond initiatives or objectives.That’s why GoodData’s Customer Advisory Board is my favorite event of the year.

This year, I was able to finally meet customers I’d spoken for so long, like CSC, Walgreens, and ServiceChannel at our CAB. Over glasses of Cab (or my favorite, Pinot Noir), we were able to discuss things analytics-related and not, and generally build a true, offline relationship that matches the amount of social connection we’ve found online.

Of course, part of my excitement surrounding this year’s CAB stemmed from its location: always-sunny Portland, OR. As a Portlander of 19 years, it was nice to meet with coworkers and customers alike in a city I love. Whether we were being serenaded at dinner or discussing hurdles to analytics adoption, it was a memorable way to bring together customers old and new, without pretense. Here are the five greatest things I learned from our customers at CAB.

Insight is for Everyone, Tech-Speak is Not

Many of our customers pointed out a pain point that surprised me--the language! I talked to many customers who said that the popularization of terms like “prescriptive analytics” and “data cleansing” hasn’t helped them educate their teams on what these terms mean for their organizations.

People >> Technology

From savvy marketers to wise product managers, we had a great mix of personalities and functions at this year’s CAB. Although we get usage data from our customers, the insights we gained from in-person feedback were invaluable. The qualitative information we got from our CAB members will drive our discussions around product roadmap and GoodData’s areas of growth.

Teams are Not Born, They’re Built

Many of our customers pointed out that adoption is the first success metric of any analytics project, and of course, they’re right. In bringing together people, data, and technology, BI solutions providers need to remember that they must first convince the people to use the technology, and make decisions based on data. This can often be a hard sell, especially to high-level executives, so I had many productive discussions on how to build a culture of data.

Maturity is Possible

It’s no secret that we love to discuss analytics maturity, and how to align analytics objectives with company goals. By bringing customers together at all levels of analytics maturity, we were able to help some move up the curve, or discover the best practices needed to move the needle for their organization. This collaboration for analytics success was perhaps my favorite part of the CAB, because it was great to see our customers helping each other in real time.

Community is Everywhere

Although I’m fond of in-person meetings (and Google Hangouts, as many of our customers know), I have also built a community for our customers to call home online--GoodFriends. As an invitation-only space, GoodFriends allows our customers to get involved in GoodData initiatives, but also to ask questions of each other (and me) in a constructive community of insight.

The best part? GoodFriends is an Influitive advocate community, and Influitive is also one of our customers! We love to use our customers’ products whenever possible.

Want to find out more about GoodFriends? Email me to learn more.

Written by GoodData Author  | 

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