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3 Ways Keboola Supports Customer Success with GoodData

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3 Ways Keboola Supports Customer Success with GoodData

1 of 2: This is the second in a series of blog posts celebrating Keboola’s 5-year anniversary as GoodData’s partner. Last week, we discussed how the partnership between GoodData and Keboola began. Today, we’re discussing how Keboola aids in implementation, data connectivity, and user training for current customers.

Although Keboola originally set out to find an analytics partner to accelerate our cloud business intelligence implementations, we’ve found much more with GoodData. Their infrastructure has allowed us to deliver award-winning advanced analytics to large customers with complex projects.

We build on GoodData’s Open Analytics Platform in four main ways: as a custom implementation partner, an implementation time accelerator, the first certified solutions provider, and as experts that train others in the platform. Since we have been using the GoodData platform for over 5 years, we know it almost as well as those who built it. This gives us insight into its implementation and use, which we pass on to our customers.

1. Speeding implementation for Powered By GoodData customers

Being an implementation partner also means that Keboola keeps GoodData platform integration fast and agile. For GoodData and Keboola customer Mindflash, this means that a custom implementation of embedded analytics into their platform took less than 90 days.

Randhir Vieira, VP of Product at Mindflash, has said that “As a SaaS company, we know what great looks like when it comes to implementation. Keboola hit the nail right on the head.”

2. Deepening customer interactions with the Open Analytics Platform

When Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) chose to implement GoodData, we knew that they would be implement the platform in innovative ways. Keboola not only helped them to implement in under 90 days, but also pushed their understanding of analytics beyond basic dashboards.

After Keboola implemented CSC’s complete buyer’s journey analytics, they helped the organization to do truly advanced analytics with the platform. As CSC’s Director of Digital Marketing, Chris Marin has said, “Keboola challenged us to explore new ways to use the product beyond dashboarding, saying ‘Why buy a Ferrari just to take it to the corner store?’”

With Keboola’s help, soon CSC was building pipeline, attribution, scoring and other models within GoodData that they thought they’d have to create in other systems, all within a fraction of the time they had expected.

3. Training every user to be an Analytics Expert

In addition to successful and scalable implementations, Keboola also shares its expertise in the GoodData platform through Keboola Academy.

In a curriculum that they describe as “Montessori meets software training,” they provide self paced hands on, online courses on dashboard use, custom report building and dashboard design. When you complete a course, you not only become an expert in analytics, but you receive one of Keboola’s customized badges, bringing the “fun” back to “data fundamentals.” Some of Keboola Academy’s newest offerings are custom solution-specific courses for GoodData partners, such as a whole curriculum helping Zendesk customers take full advantage of Zendesk Insights.

Keboola Academy online courses provided alternative and addition to the GoodData instructor-led training. As Ray Light, Director of Training at GoodData, has said: “I enjoyed the hands-on exercises. I felt the step-by-step approach was very helpful to learn different features at a good pace.”

Of course, there are many other custom implementations and trainings we could discuss. If you’d like to learn more about our solutions or training, check out our resources or Keboola Academy.

Written by GoodData Author  | 

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