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3 Takeaways from an Analytics Value Three-Peat

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3 Takeaways from an Analytics Value Three-Peat

For just a moment, think about how you’ve changed since 2012. Close your eyes, picture yourself three years ago. Have you changed? I was funnier then.

During that time at GoodData, we’ve grown and changed considerably since 2013, and the world of analytics has too. No longer are business intelligence providers discussing “feeds and speeds of big data,” and today on-premise data storage is rapidly going out of style. Also, the enterprise data discussion has turned from the three V’s of Big Data to an exploration of whether organizations’ analytics are creating real business value.

This emphasis on the business user and their value from business intelligence/analytics platforms may be a newer trend, but our commitment to analytics value is not: GoodData has once again been rated a “Leader” on the Nucleus Analytics Value Matrix. Although our Analytics Distribution Platform has changed considerably since 2012, we’ve been consistently committed to bringing scalable, secure, easy-to-use analytics to our users. Since this is our third year running with this title, our platform is officially an analytics value three-peat. Here are the three things we’ve learned since we won this title...the first time.

1. The Analytics Value Matrix is a bellwether of the industry.

A space as vibrant and dynamic as business intelligence has many ratings systems. From giants like the Gartner Magic Quadrant and Forrester Wave, to crowdsourced systems like G2Crowd, analytics vendors are often competing for centimeters on a grid. One of the things I love about the Nucleus Analytics Value Matrix is that it focuses on real, business-changing value delivered to customers through analytics, not just a running tally of features and functions supported in an analytics product. That way analytics vendors are judged on what their customers ultimately care about: easy-to-access insights that create business-driving results.

“We are honored to be recognized for a third year running as leaders by a respected industry analyst firm, and we will continue to prioritize creating a highly scalable analytics delivery platform for business networks,”

Roman Stanek
Founder and CEO, GoodData

2. Usability trumps ubiquity.

The trends presented on the Analytics Value Matrix don’t always reflect those represented on other comparison charts, for good reason. Nucleus Research focuses on business intelligence tools that improve business value with high levels of usability, meaning that vendors are assessed on two things--usability and functionality. Although the scoring for both of these concepts is complex, it boils down to assessment on the BI platform’s strength, as well as its self-service features tailored toward a wide audience of users. I’m happy to report GoodData has scored well in both departments, and proven that cloud BI can be both high-functioning and intuitive for all users.

“Once we got GoodData going we were able to bring in information from new departments who had limited visibility into the impact of their work on the company’s business.”

Manoj Yadav
Head of Analytics & Data, Redbubble

3. The ROI of analytics can be quantified--and expanded.

Since 2013, many of the discussions around business intelligence were focused on the growth of the industry year-over-year--which translates to the ever-increasing investment organizations are placing in their analytics solutions. But many thought leaders forget that investment is only half of ROI, and the returns from analytics need to quantified, celebrated, and scaled throughout enterprises, networks, and industries. That’s why we worked with Nucleus Research to find that analytics returns $13.01 for every dollar spend, and why we are now focusing on BI for data monetization.

"We’ve found that because [GoodData] offers easily scalable data for a wide range of users, customers are getting a higher ROI from this type of offering,”

Anne Moxie
Analytics Analyst, Nucleus Research

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Written by GoodData Author  | 

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