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Distribute analytics to all of your partners, suppliers or other businesses to turn your data into dollars.

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Automated Distribution of Analytics to Every Business in Your Network

One-to-Many Analytics, Powered By GoodData enable large enterprises to quickly create and distribute high value analytics out to thousands of data-hungry business units, partners and customers. Providing targeted analytics to all of these parties presents opportunities to improve relationships, increase retention and generate net new revenue streams for the business.

  • Create unique analytics for different market segments
  • Benchmark performance across thousands businesses
  • Expand and add new audiences immediately — no fees attached
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"With GoodData, we are able to distribute analytics to our more than 915 Firehouse Subs restaurants with a scorecard grading 10 key metrics. This awareness helps sales performance, guest satisfaction scores, being proactive during downturns, and improve franchise efficiency."

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Highly engaging experience that keeps them coming back

Your users are probably not data scientists. As a result, you need to provide them with dashboards and data discovery tools that can guide them to the critical insights they need. Our entire user experience is designed for that - and we can get your dashboards up in a matter of weeks, not months or years.

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Revenue-Generating Strategies

Our Business Architects conduct in-depth solution workshops that cover topics far beyond defining requirements and support for your analytics. We’ve partnered with many companies on their go-to-market strategies that we literally wrote the book on aligning your analytics strategy with business outcomes so that you can:

  • Improve solutions and relationships with partners
  • Increase retention with existing customers
  • Create data-driven products to create new revenue streams

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“Partnering with GoodData gave us the whole package -- advanced capabilities, competitive advantage, and a clear value driver. Our customers have never been happier.”

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Bring Your Analytics to Market Fast

Our market leading platform, team of Business Architects and vertical expertise allow you to build the unique data products that strategic business partners need. All in a matter of weeks, not months or years.


Large media and broadcasting companies connect the dots between online and offline sources to track digital content consumption, segment viewer demographics and automatically calculate ROI to give advertising and partner networks the ability to improve placement and targeting.


Large retailers combine e-commerce and in-store purchase data with product placement and supply chain information from all of their locations to provide detailed sales reports, broken down by geography and location, back to all of their suppliers.


Online booking and travel agencies consolidate search and sales data from all of their properties to benchmark total sales and purchase prices -- ultimately delivering personalized insights and recommendations out to all hotel, airline and rental car partners.


Healthcare management solutions create standardized data products to help hospitals manage vendor relationships, track operational efficiency against regulatory standards and benchmarks and improve patient satisfaction.

Financial Services

Banks and credit card companies aggregate customer reward redemption data to provide their affiliates and partners with personalized insight into how and why consumers are purchasing their services -- and how their sales compare to other vendors.
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Ready to get started?

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The Ultimate Guide to Embedded Analytics

This 58-page guide dives deep into the key considerations and strategies for successfully bringing a customer facing analytics products to market.

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Consumers today have multiple touch points (online, mobile, and in-store) to inform their purchases. Retailers need to identify opportunities in the physical and online target markets for growth in the new retail landscape.

Analytics Pays Back $13.01 for Every Dollar Spent

Existing business processes can no longer meet the increasing demand for quick insights for business decisions. Organizations are turning to analytic solutions and applications to address greater volumes of data, disparate data sources, and more demands from business users for access.

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