Cross Channel Analytics and Attribution for Enterprises

Make better decisions, faster - with a single, completely connected source of truth.

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“We weren’t looking at data in the same way before getting GoodData. It was more about ‘I think’ rather than ‘I know’. Now we are making true data-driven decisions.”

Manoj Yadav, Director of Business Analytics, Redbubble

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Sales Pipeline Analytics

Customizable sales dashboards to give you full visibility into your pipeline, and bottom line.

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B2B Marketing Analytics

Fully integrated marketing and sales analytics for trusted view into marketing-sourced revenue.

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Digital Marketing Analytics

Cross channel digital marketing analytics connect the dots between your online and offline campaigns.

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Social E-Commerce Analytics

Robust social media analytics connect top of the funnel awareness and engagement to closed-won dollars.

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100% confidence, with a single trustworthy view into your data

What happens when you bring all your data together into a single view? Action, that’s what. GoodData unites your governed data from on-prem and cloud sources with user-contributed personal data , so your enterprise analytics team can collaborate and move forward quickly with confidence.

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Highly engaging experience keeps them coming back

Dig deep, with GoodData’s advanced analytics. Slice and dice to your heart’s desire or even add your own data - Our interactive dashboards and guided data discovery tools uncover trends and questions that you didn’t think to look for in the first place.

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Never fall behind - analytics that grow with your business

Growing volume, variety, velocity, no problem. Our analytics distribution platform is designed to change and scale as you do, so you can always count on GoodData for answers to the complex questions.

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“GoodData is phenomenally advantageous to HP because it unveils our best marketing investments and illuminates ways to improve our products and processes—all pre-sales in real time.”

-Kayton Bhatia, Senior Director of Strategy

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Widely Adopted and Standardized Analytics Improve Efficiencies in Every Industry

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