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A Reason to Upgrade

In SaaS, customers who upgrade are critical. Embedded analytics can help you improve each of these corporate KPIs.

  • Raise lifetime customer value (LTV)
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Create upsell and cross-sell opportunities

Launch in Record Time

Launch your data product in record time by defining OEM analytics that customers value, not building infrastructure that they don’t see.

  • Instant Engineering and operations
  • Save man-years of do-it-yourself development
  • Plan a go to market strategy within the next 90 days

Become a Market Expert

Powered By GoodData vendors like ServiceChannel become market experts in no time.

  • Develop cross-customer benchmarks
  • Become macro-level advisors in your market
  • Build a marketplace among customers
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Generate new revenue streams by delivering embedded analytics in your products, like:

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Instant infrastructure

GoodData’s platform supports the entire data pipeline and OEM analytic experience, yet provides the customization flexibility required by ISVs.

  • Full multi-tenancy, to dedicate and secure each of your customers’ datasets
  • Data integration tools to not only map your internal data, but add external data
  • Create custom metrics and KPIs that match your product’s functionality

Integration and automation

Integrating one product to another can be a nightmare that takes months — but not with GoodData.

  • Automate key functions like provisioning new customers and users, scheduling reports and distributing personal dashboards
  • Collaborate and share email reports with unregistered users
  • Offer printing and snapshotting
  • Add new internal and external sources that enhance customer value
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“Advanced analytics are the #1 reason why customers upgrade.”

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Delight your users

You will recognize the GoodData difference by your users’ smiles.

  • Offer product tiers with differentiated value such as interactive dashboards or ad-hoc analysis
  • Deliver a mouth-watering mobile experience with our responsive HTML5 format
  • Teach users how to become better analysts through guided analytics or predictive models

It’s your brand, keep it that way

GoodData offers a variety of capabilities to seamlessly ‘white-label’ our analytics as yours.

  • Fully branded portal including custom domain
  • Map to your web site or support portal
  • Match visualizations, color schemes and graphics to your branded colors and styles.
  • Or be proud of your good data and leave it alone
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ServiceChannel Fixes an Entire Industry with Analytical Insight

Learn how ServiceChannel uses Machine Learning to automate decision making.

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Start with an experienced partner

Building a data product is the easy part. It’s taking it to market where most companies stumble. With hundreds of successful launches and thousands of customer accounts under our belt, our experts are available to help you prepare for success.

Our Go-to-Market workshops, conducted by our Business Architects, cover topics beyond functional requirements and include packaging and pricing advice, rollout, navigating the intricacies of your license, and how to market your new functions.

Our business model offers capacity-based licensing that grows only as you do. We do not charge per-user fees, except for administrators, and our OEM analytics referral program pays you for customer referrals.


Our Professional Services have helped hundreds of customers create analytic value by quickly defining the minimum viable product (MVP) for initial launch, but then creating a path to ongoing customer delight.

Our Marketing programs are designed to carry you forward. We will write your success story, partner in press activity, create joint speaking opportunities, develop branded web pages, and define demo and trial accounts to highlight your offering.

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Dive Deeper Into Embedded Analytics

Embedded Analytics: A Critical Business Advantage for Your Enterprise

Differentiation through embedded analytics gives you a competitive advantage when it comes to landing net new business, strengthening relationships, increasing retention, creating new lines of revenue, offering upgrades and even launching new data products. In fact, Zendesk cites advanced analytics as the #1 reason their customers upgrade.

Now is the time to innovate and accelerate ahead of your competition and join the 10% of top performing SaaS leaders on the bell curve of data monetization. This guide will show you how to unlock the full value of the data that already exists within your SaaS solution— by embedding fully-customizable, advanced analytics right into your core software product.

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Understanding the ROI of Embedded Analytics

Forrester identifies embedded analytics as one of the five technology pillars that will shape the future of business applications innovation. If you’re a SaaS leader with growth on the brain, now is the time to invest in embedded analytics that can harvest the full value from the data that already exists within your core product. Read on to gain a better understanding of the market opportunity for data products and services, how analytics can help you drive business growth, and what key attributes to look for in an embedded analytics provider.

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How to Successfully Launch an Embedded Analytics Product

The pressure for SaaS products to perform at launch is astronomical, and yet the rewards can be just as great. According to Forrester, 47% percent of North American and European enterprise software decision makers are expecting to increase their investment in SaaS products this year, while a full 64% cite increasing the use of analytics within business applications as a high or critical priority. This guide illuminates the key steps and strategies needed to get to market quickly and successfully with an embedded analytics product that will differentiate and add value to your SaaS offering while helping you to land and retain business in a crowded marketplace.

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The Ultimate Guide to Going to Market with Embedded Analytics

SaaS leaders are charged with meeting the demands of a changing competitive environment and creating both business and customer value. The good news is that as a SaaS provider, you have a ready-made path in front of you to augment and differentiate your existing products in order to capture and retain market share: offering advanced embedded analytics.

Embedding analytics into their SaaS products has driven game-changing results for companies like Demandbase, whose offerings have helped some of their customers increase conversions by 200%. GoodData is here to help you join the ranks of these elite companies and race down the path to new revenue with the tools and resources you’ll need to successfully go to market with an embedded analytics product.

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Monetize and Productize Your Data With Embedded Analytics

Embedded analytics open new pathways to monetizing an asset you already have - your data - to boost your bottom line. IDC predicts big data driven products and services will grow at a staggering 26.4% CAGR to eventually reach $41.5 billion; that’s six times the growth rate of the overall tech sector.

Whatever your strategic business objectives are, advanced embedded analytics can help you achieve outstanding results. Worried about ROI? MediGain achieved 1044% ROI on their analytic investments, with a payback period of only a little more than a month. Focused on boosting engagement and conversion? ServiceChannel’s implementation with GoodData increased engagement from 30% to an incredible 80%. Now is the time to get more value out of your data, and we can help you.

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