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  • Learn how GoodData’s notification services enable easy integration with many messaging systems and how to deliver data-driven notification via Slack channels.
  • Everybody knows that product managers need data analytics to be successful. However, far fewer people realize that, in turn, analytics need product managers just as much.
  • In order to make this analytical engine really shine, we support a continuously growing number of data sources. From Salesforce to SugarCRM, Marketo to Pardot--- from Quickbooks to years of old Excel workbooks, GoodData has you covered. Let’s get started with our 150+ pre-built connectors.
  • Analytic or window functions are evaluated over a group of rows somehow related to the currently processed row. They were introduced with the SQL:2003 but many casual SQL users don’t know about their power.
  • Self-service BI has been a topic since I can remember. Some say it's just about good looking dashboards, others claim it's not even possible. In this blog post, we show it's all about personas and processes and tools to drive effective but governed collaboration.
  • Defining an external data product in the same environment—and with the same team— that you use for your internal BI may be tempting, but it can cause great difficulty. Embedded analytics platforms like GoodData’s feature data preparation and distribution tooling has been designed to start small and scale as your needs change.
  • Your organization can be at risk of underestimating embedding analytics if you treat analytics like any other feature, overtax existing teams, or neglect the importance of UI.