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“We weren’t looking at data in the same way before getting GoodData. It was more about ‘I think’ rather than ‘I know’. Now we are making true data-driven decisions.”

Manoj Yadav, Director of Business Analytics, Redbubble

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Manoj Yadav, Director of Operations, Redbubble
Internal Analytics - Feature
Know your source
100% confidence, with a single trustworthy view into your data

What happens when you bring all your data together into a single view? Action, that’s what. GoodData unites more data sources than any provider, so your enterprise analytics team can collaborate and move forward with confidence.

Know your source
Internal Analytics - Know your Source
Discover a universe of answers
GoodData Advanced Saas Analytics
Unexpected insights from SaaS analytics that adapt as fast as you do

Dig deep, with GoodData’s advanced analytics. Slice and dice to your heart’s desire, by any number of dimensions to uncover trends and questions that you didn’t even know to look for in the first place.

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Internal Analytics - Discover a universe of answers
Big data in the cloud
Unlimited scalability, delivered in cloud time

Bigger volume, variety, velocity, no problem. Our business intelligence platform is designed to change and scale as you do, so you can always count on GoodData for answers to the complex questions.

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GoodData Unlimited scalability, delivered in cloud time
Internal Analytics - Expand your queries
Experience user delight
Experience user delight with GoodData
An intuitive experience that fuels insight and collaboration

Collaboration is the key to success. Our interactive dashboards for business are so easy to use and share they’ll practically leave your team begging for more.

Internal Analytics - Experience user delight
Our experience and
accelerators = your success
Internal Analytics - Our experience and accelerators
We're Your Enterprise Analytics Ally
We're Your Enterprise Analytics Ally section

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Redbubble Case Study
Data-Driven Decision-Making

Redbubble uses GoodData for ops, legal, customer, marketing, & sales analytics.

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