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Powered by GoodData: Feature
Flexible interactive dashboards
Custom branding / color palettes
Seamless product integration
Custom reports for ad hoc analysis
Cross-customer benchmarking
Cross-customer benchmarking
Deploy at scale; customize for each client
Fully branded portal that includes custom domain
Map to your website, support portal, etc.
Automate key functions
Branded Portal

Custom BI Software Powered By GoodData

Our business intelligence analytics software. Your brand. Full power.

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More power to you.

Powered By GoodData lets you embed GoodData into existing applications or create new applications.

Good for you.
The experience customers willingly upgrade for.

Good for your customers.
The insights they have always wanted.

It's Good to be a Partner.
Deliver better analytics to your customers.

Powered by GoodData: More Power
Lead by example.

With Powered By GoodData, every part of your analytics can be customized to reflect your brand identity. It's simple: you deliver a seamless user experience and your users love it.

Partner and embed:

As a SaaS provider, Zendesk embeds the GoodData Platform in its own analytic offering to reinforce brand identity.

Partner and portal:

Marketron, a leading media industry software provider, deploys Powered By GoodData as a portal.

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"We needed an expert to guide us through this world of data visualization and analytics."

Bart Houlahan, Co-Founder, B Lab

With more than 11,000 companies submitting data, B Lab needed a platform that could scale seamlessly, regardless of how much data was added.

Learn how B Lab got to market much faster.

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GoodData Platform Architecture
End-to-end Data Governance and Discovery


Connect to structured and unstructured data from any source

GoodData connectors and APIs
Collect Structured On Premise
Unstructured Cloud


Gather, integrate and manage complete data history

Agile Data Warehousing Service
  • Highly secure
  • Fault tolerant and fully recoverable
  • Clustered columnar storage and archiving


Validate and dimensionalize data, and apply business rules on the fly for contextual analysis

GoodData Integration Service: Data Services
  • Business transformations
  • Exception reporting and validation
  • Full admin, notification and alerting support


Execute descriptive and predictive analysis through an extensive library of functions and features

GoodData Extensible Analytics Engine (XAE)
  • Full library of statistical functions and features
  • Sentiment analysis for text data


Collaborate and uncover insights through a comprehensive, diverse set of visualizations

GoodData Visualization Layer
  • Easy to use interactive UI
  • Prebuilt visual analytical applications
  • Extensible through full SDK
Data Governance Data Discovery
Product Platform Architecture
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